Burrow Couch Man Project

We were asked to create five Animatronic interactive text activated fortune telling  characters.  They  needed to be able to receive a text, wake up from a deep lumbering sleep, wave their hand over a glowing crystal ball, and text back a fortune. We were then asked if we could build all five characters each with […]

Disney’s Captain Rex Replica

Disney’s Captain Rex Replica Bob Products was commissioned this year to build a static Captain Rex replica for a Disney Star Tours Fan. They also had us build a working Star Tours blast door for their home theater. (See Video Below)  

Disney’s Enchanted Tiki Room Bird Replicas

Enchanted Tiki Room Bird Replicas Meet Jose and Micheal, two of the main characters found in the Enchanted Tiki Room at Disney World and Disney Land. These replicas were built for a Disney lover who wanted a constant reminder of their favorite Disney attraction right at home. Please enjoy our video links below and don’t […]

MTV Robo Round Table Electthis.com

MTV New Political Satire We were commissioned by MTV in late February to build four custom robotic┬ácharacters for a new political satire segment which started airing June 1st. We delivered the finished characters to Viacom in New York City on May 1st. While in New York, we helped on set with character placement and staff […]

Programmable Liquid Metal Ferrofluid Displays

Finally, you can own a professionally manufactured Ferrofluid Display/Exhibit for your attraction, business or home. I believe we are the first to offer one this advanced. Completely programmable including sound and special lighting effects. This is a Ferrofluid Display like no other! We call it the Living Liquid Display. Now available in two different designs, […]

Robot Christmas Wreath Parrots

Christmas Wreath Parrots Bob Products offers this 4 ft. diameter Christmas wreath including 2 seven function animated robotic parrots, high quality speaker system, 32 in. LCD TV and show controller. Show controller includes necessary hardware and software to create and playback your own shows including robot programming, sound and video. You can use the TV […]